Here are more reasons why supplements may not be working for you

1 Unrealistic or unpractical expectations of how natural supplements therapy work.

2.Unrealistic or unpractical beliefs that ONE supplements will significantly fix or resolve chronic illness symptoms.( Combinations are meant for that)

3.The supplements therapy IS working, but overwhelming symptoms block or skew objective evaluation.

4.Inadequate or improper dosage by following the RDA (i.e., too little, too much, or not the right form of a specific nutrient or supplement).

5.The nutrient used is of poor quality – quality sourcing counts when it comes to foods and supplements, in particular.

6.Current (or chronic) stressful conditions may compound results.

7.It needs time to work and patience to follow through.

8.Emotional belief conflicts.

9.Toxin levels in the body (may block or prevent a nutrient absorption or effectiveness).that is why we insist on detoxification before therapy

10.Whole body inflammation levels may need to be addressed first.

11.Missing organs (a missing gallbladder or thyroid, for example, requires specific protocol adjustments).

12.Alcohol, nicotine, or narcotic use can block, prevent, or impede healing success.

13.Hormone dysfunction or dysregulation.

14.Underlying or latent infections, pathogens, or viruses can wreak havoc and mask what’s really going on.

15.A particular single supplement may be better absorbed if taken in a synergistic blend of nutrients.

16.Food combining in ways that aren’t optimal.

17.Unaddressed food sensitivities.

18. Leaky gut (intestinal hyperpermeability) may prevent adequate absorption of nutrients.

19 .Prescribed and OTC medications may rob the body of essential nutrients

20.It might not be the most effective protocol for YOU … at this time.

21. You are not using the right type of supplements, remember supplements are in 3 types preventive, control and curative supplements( you cannot use a preventive supplements on an existing health condition)

22.inferior supplements ( we have synthetic supplements, semi synthetic and organic supplements and 100% organic supplements)

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