Pidcare Tablet: For Pelvic Inflammatory And Vaginal Healthcare


Pidcare Tablet is for Treatment of Women Pelvic And Vaginal Infection Cleansing Natural Herbal Supplements

Greenlife Pidcare Tablet is a natural and effective treatment of pelvic inflammatory diseases that can be used for curing vaginal pains, abnormal discharge & other related problems. The product also aids in the reduction of inflammation caused due to an infection.

A perfect Treatment of pelvic inflammatory diseases, pains, abnormal discharge & vaginal healthcare

Function & Indications Pidcare Tablet
Improving Blood circulation,
dispersing blood stasis,
softening the hardened or blocked part of the body, antipyretic & detoxification.
Used for chronic pelvic infection,
bacteroidal vaginitis, and blood stasis combined with wetness, heat evil.
Effective for the white, odor, abnormal discharge and abdomen pain caused by vaginitis


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