Camopill : (Tumor, Stasis, Breast Cancer)



It activates the blood, remove blood stasis, disintegrate mass chiefly in the abdomen or uterus caused by blood stasis. It also restores normal menstruation. it is used for fibroid, anemia, splenomegaly (enlarged liver & spleen), cirrhosis, tumor

Camopill is a traditional formula for women with blood stasis such as fibroid or tumor in the chest, abdomen or breast cancer. However it is also good for males or females whose liver & spleen are weak.

Greenlife Camopill is a traditional herbal formula that can improve blood circulation and remove stagnated blood. It helps women who have tumors, fibroids or chest congestion but it also works for men with weak liver functions as well as those whose spleen isn’t functioning properly

Health Benefit of Greenlife Camopill
Prevent the growth of tumors and help to shrink fibroids.
Used for the elimination of Fibroid and mass in the abdomen with fixed shape and localized pain.
For treatment of anemia and suppressed menstruation.
Balance your progesterone levels and help control heavy bleeding and excessive periods.
Helps Relax uterine cramping and regulates the Menses.
Helps Alleviate uncomfortable symptoms associated with fibroids such as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), abdominal bloating, swelling, headache, and mood swings.
Activate the blood and remove blood stasis


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